The past few weeks have seen a few changes around here. I've added the Occupy Movement to my list of interests/things on my plate and I've been doing some serious fall cleaning/crafting.

Hunter and I live in an apartment, so for us the main problem is storage. What's that you say? Get rid of some stuff? Oh, but I did! Just ask my neighbors and friends here in town who now possess many of my beloved books (among other things). Even Hunter got in on it as we redid his room and he filled boxes with things to give away. Recycling at its best!

At any rate, since our little family is among the 99% (couldn't resist the plug-in there), we don't generally buy new furniture. Instead, we re-vamp what we own. Now, be patient because this is my first project like this in a long, long time!

Here's what happened. This dresser was given to me about 7 years ago. It was in horrendous shape then, but I was in the middle of remodeling a house and didn't need a new project. So, I threw a coat of white paint on it and called it not good, but useful.

Eventually this dresser migrated to Hunter's room. In an effort to help him learn how to better organize (and honestly not caring what the dresser looked like) I let him label his drawers. Fast forward to the present.

I invested in a new bed for Hunter. It has drawers etc. and is perfect for a kid's room. I also got rid of some things in the living room and needed something to set the television on. And yes, we seriously are hillbilly enough to use a dresser.

It's not very clear in the pic, but one of the drawers was missing part of the top edge. I really wanted to get some fabric involved with this project, so I didn't want to just repair and paint. I also wanted beads involved on the drawers, but got vetoed by Hunter, who didn't want the living room to look as girly as the truck with its pink dice hanging from the mirror.

I went to a discount store and bought some new drawer knobs. They were 3 for $1, a fine deal. I painted the dresser, built up the broken drawer with some very hardy cardboard, wrapped the top drawers in batting, then in fabric. The hardest part was securing the batting/fabric with the staple gun. Note how it bunches in some areas-something that will drive me nuts and will eventually get fixed. I painted some of the older knobs that were in good shape, then affixed all the knobs to the dresser.

I already had the fabric, batting and staples. The paint cost less than $10 and I added what was left to some white paint for Hunter's room, making the cost for paint for the dresser less than $5. The knobs cost $4. So, in the end, the sum total was less than $10 and I now have a perect spot for my television as well as all my DVDs.


  1. Kathy, It looks wonderful! You did a great job!

  1. When I first got married, I scavenged furniture from where ever I found it, dragged it home and made it over. My house looked like it was full of new furniture. My genre is older, early American type furniture anyway, so it was easy to achieve the look I was after. We still have most of that furniture all these years later and it still looks great. My only requirement was "good wood". I could do anything with good wood. I never tried fabric on furniture except for seats for chairs or stools. That was a really good idea to dress up and change the look of a dresser for the living room. Kudos to you for thinking of it!

  1. I'm glad you all enjoyed the project. It felt good to spread my creative wing a bit. I haven't done anything like that in a long while!

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