Hunter hasn't quite decided what he wants to be for Halloween. I, being the frugal kind of gal that I am, like to buy things that have more than one use. When I think of Hunter, I think of how much he enjoys science and doing his labs. So, I always thought he would look cool in a kids scrub outfit. He has a lab coat, but he's also the guy who likes to help people who are hurt, so I thought some kids scrubs would be cool for him too. But then, he might being home every stray hurt animal he finds if he's in the mode with his scrubs. hmmm....

As I was browsing around, I found the site They sell all kinds of scrubs, including ones for kids! I've actually considered making scrubs for Hunter, but after seeing this site, I might just go there when I want to buy him some kids scrubs because it's the first one I ever heard of that sells kid scrubs. Hunter may want to be a mad scientist, a doctor, or something else like that for Halloween, but I know he would actually use the scrubs after Halloween as well. And hey, if buying him some scubs encourages him to be a scientist or a doctor, I'm pretty okay with that too.


  1. That's so cute! My mom actually just sent me a pic of myself dressed as a mad scientist when I was 8 or 9. I wad dressed in my dad's white O.R. jacket (he worked in the O.R.). Anyway, fun memory, great costume idea! Have fun!

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