Sometimes Hunter is your average 10 year old boy asking questions about the world. Other times, he says things that are intelligent enough to make me feel stupid...and I have a relatively high I.Q.! Lately, he's been coming home with detailed science facts that make me feel blessed for him to have a teacher who engages my son's mind in the material. This week he added to my amazement with his concept of the future.

Hunter is worried about the future. How could he not be, with protests and statements about the end of the world all around us? Tuesday, he asked my friend Beatrice and I if we thought the world was going to end. We both said we didn't think it was going to end, but that some drastic changes were expected.

Beatrice, who seems to genuinely enjoy the company of my son, then asked Hunter what he thought was going to happen. His response was so right on and detailed that I don't even remember it word for word. Or maybe it was the fact that it came from the mouth of a 10 year old and it just blew my mind. Let me see if I can sum it up for you. Keep in mind, this is from a 10 year old.

Basically, Hunter described a future forever changed by Steve Jobs. I didn't even know he knew who Steve Jobs was. Hunter predicts that our future consists of changes in technology that happen because of people being so technologically dependent as well as the existence of Steve Jobs as well as the death of former Apple CEO. He predicts that the quality of new technology will somewhat take a nose dive because of the death of Steve Jobs. But...the amount of new forms of technology will increase because "there will be people who have followed Steve Jobs and learned from the things he did in his lifetime".

In case you're wondering what my response to this rhetoric was, I simply said "wow", while my friend informed me that I really needed to keep a recorder on hand so I could record the things that my son says. After that, we were both silent as we pondered the predictions of a 10 year old boy.


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