My son wants an iPad. I'm not so much the tech savvy kind of gal, but I'd like to get him something he wants for Christmas because he really doesn't ask for much. Without even talking to him about it I know that he loves tech gadgets, books and Legos, so I can pretty much get him anything in those categories to make him happy.

But, what he's been wanting since last Christmas when he saw that his cousin had one, is an iPad. Of course, now they have the iPad 2, so I've been shopping for iPad 2 deals. I really don't know anything about these tablets, but I do know that I'm glad there aren't a ton of varieties here. It's pretty basic, not like comparing the Xbox to the Playstation or something.

I'm on a mission and Apple made it easy. I'm going to comparison shop until I find the perfect deal. And right now, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the sites that offer side by side comparisons. I'm also in appreciation of the technology that allows me sit in my own home and do the shopping. God knows I can't afford to do it using my gas tank. What's your big Christmas gift you're on the hunt for?


  1. iPad 3 is coming early 2012, it'll be worth the wait.

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