This morning as I was having my coffee and thinking how it was too early to have to listen to a fire alarm going off in town, another family was going about their daily business. They didn't know that this wasn't a normal day for them. For the sake of privacy, I won't use their names here. Why? Because they need help and no one likes to ask for help.

A father and his two boys are left without a home. As the father was working and the 2 boys were at school, their house was burning down. As if the loss of a home and all material possessions isn't bad enough, this Hamlet, Indiana family also lost their dogs to the fire. Without a home, clothes or even a couch to ponder their thoughts on, this family needs the help of the community and I hope we can give it.
I happen to have a fantastic landlord. When I called her and told her of the situation, she was more than willing to let the family move in immediately. Now it's simply a matter of finding essential items for the family. I hope those that live in Starke County or relatively close by will be willing to lend a hand and maybe even benefit themselves by getting rid of some unused items. Below is a list of the clothing sizes that are needed.

Father and oldest son: Pants- 32x32 Shirts-Large
Youngest son: Pants- 30x30 Shirts-Medium

Winter's coming and this family is going to be in need of winter clothing like coats, sweatshirts and so forth. I hope that we can help them out. If you want to donate some items, please contact me at

It feels good to give. Try it and see!


  1. I'll see if I can gather up some stuff this weekend. Do we send directly to you?

    Also, interesting that my word verification is..."faith". Must be a sign.

  1. Yes Cari, you can. They'll actually be staying across the hall from me so it will be easy to get things to them.

    Signs are always a good thing!

    email me and I'll give you my address to send things to and thank you so much for the effort! I know it will be appreciated!~Kat

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