This rearranging project I've been working on is bringing out the crafter in me. I don't want to buy anything, but I do browse stores to get ideas for my creations. My bedroom is a special kind of atrocity since my bed takes up almost the entire room. Even my beloved yellow comforter doesn't look as pretty as it should in there. I'd love to have a room with plenty of space where one of those vanity sets for women would really look nice.

Instead, I tend to have eclectic approach. I have fabric on the drawers of a dresser that my television sits on. I even have fabric backed with lights on my wall. As I browse through stores, I think about the most bizarre crafts ideas. I've even had thoughts of decorating the ceiling tiles! But, I rent, not own so I won't be doing that.

Sometimes this creative flow that keeps me in the mode of making our home a cheerful one is more than I can handle. Is there such a thing as being too creative?


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