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Being a teacher is my calling but it’s getting harder and harder to balance all the demands of my job with the technology I’m provided at my school. Many of my kids spend more time on the internet and their direct TV at home than they do their homework and you know when they’re in class all they’re doing is texting under their desks and generally just goofing off in ways they shouldn’t. I know it sounds silly but sometimes I wish we could go back to the good old days of notebooks and chalkboardsbecause I hate having to do everything on an overhead projector. MY kids barely even have to read books anymore which is just a travesty, if you’re asking me, since I think the fundamentals of real school learning are all inside the textbooks we’re letting collect dust. Its’ going to be a long road balancing what it means to be a good teacher with how to get all the extra tech out of my classroom…


  1. I suspect the problem is indifferent parents, not technology watering down the learning process. Get the parents involved, and the kids would thrive even with stone tablets.

  1. I have to agree with Beard, I doubt it's the technology...

    Maybe I'm biased being a blogger, but I can feel the same intensity about words whether from a computer screen or a book.

  1. As a teacher and book lover, I understand your frustration. It also made me smile when you referenced your overhead projector ( schools may be the last places those dinasaurs still roam). However, I have come to accept and embrace technology as an amazing and very motivating tool. What inspires me as a teacher and mother, is when kids are excited to learn. That positively can not be separated from computers at this point. I think we need to acknowledge our roles need to change. Teachers and books are no longer the dispensers of information or knowledge. Kids can access anything, at anytime. We are still instrumental though in guiding kids through all this information and how to proccess and use it to become productive and
    responsible citizens. As for homework, hasn't it always been like pulling teeth? Just my thoughts. :)

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