This morning I watched a video made by Jason Calacanis, courtesy of a FB share. I'm no fan of the way he operates with very little moral influence evident, but as far as this video goes, he's dead on. I'm not all about the money, but that doesn't happen to be my motivation. My niche is with kids and sadly, there isn't much money in that. To me, that's just a sign of the messed up priorities our country has.

Jason blames the teachers, but let's take a closer look at where that comes from. At the rate our current government is going, there won't be a special interest group that won't be offended by something you say. Tolerance is the name of the game in schools today. While I certainly agree that people should be kind to each other, I'm not going to encourage my son to embrace morals I don't believe in.

Teachers have their hands tied. Get those test scores up and don't offend anyone while you're doing it. Bull. If my kid acts out in school, don't attribute it to some issue he has. Give him a consequence. Don't give him a ceremony for moving from one grade to another. That's what high school graduation is for.

By the same turn, I do encourage him at home. Every week he brings home his papers and if he has good grades, he gets to skip a chore for the day. Even THAT is lenient. When I was a kid I didn't get squat for getting good grades. I brought home a C on a paper and I got grounded. My father had expectations and he had every reason to expect what he did.

We need to recognize our children's strengths and motivate them to build upon those strengths. And yes, every now and then we do need to bust some ass because if our children never have a consequence for their behavior, why would they change it?

And for the record, I still don't like Jason Calacanis. But then, I don't think either of us are going to lose any sleep over it. However, the things he speaks of in this video...those are the very things I DO lose sleep over!


  1. Until your post, I had no clue who Jason Calacanis. But I have to say, great little video. I'm right in the middle of X and Y and find a little bit of both in me. Sometimes, I do want to just cry in my coffee all day. And sometimes, I want to make the world my bitch.

  1. Thanks for reading. Jason happens to be the owner of Mahalo, a site that was less than ethical in it treatment of writers. Hence my animosity toward him. He has some great ideas, but poor business practices.

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