A few weeks back I was introduced to a new product made by FormReturn. At the time, I was looking it over as a writer per the request of my client. I wasn't doing a product review or anything, so I was more interested in looking over the company than the product. Truth be told, they were running a contest and I was entering it. I actually won the contest too. Of course, I'll be blogging about that as soon as I go get some more batteries for my camera, but I digress...

When I was looking over the product, it occurred to me how great this product would be for use in a Special Education classroom. Also, I was prepping for my Praxis and I was thinking about how I sometimes get stressed out wondering if I'm filling in the bubbles for the answers completely enough.

FormReturn has some unique traits to their tests. You don't have to do it on paper (but you can) and you don't have to fill in the bubble all the way. The way I understand it, you can simply put a check mark in the bubble. It appears that you can do the test by hand and scan it to your computer for grading too.

If you have ever worked with kids in Special Education, you know that some of them have motor coordination problems. For them, filling in the bubble entirely could very well be a task in itself. The FormReturn products seem to be the perfect solution. Using software like this, students are more able to focus on the task of completing the questions rather than worry about the act of actually taking the test.

I didn't get paid or coerced in any way to write this up. In fact, my FormReturn contact tells me that while teachers have had great success using this software in the classroom, using it as a Special Education resource for assignments isn't an area they have explored. I have to assume that no one really thought about it. And, unless you're a Special Education teacher or *cough* someone studying to be a Special Education teacher, why would you think of it?

Just one more Special Education resource for me to file away in my box of resources for thinking outside the box. By the way, the administrator of FormReturn is a super nice guy and is always running some great contests on Facebook.


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