I don't want my son to be politically correct. I want him to have his own morals. They might even be different than mine, but my hope is that they will based on his own concept of right and wrong rather than what society considers to be right and wrong. I'm a parent, not a lobbyist. As a single parent and a writer, I wanted to share a few things with you that I find to be ironic in such an "anything goes" society.

I wrote an article about the benefits of being a single parent. There are tons of trials and a lingering stigma associated with single parenting and I simply wanted to share some of the high points. It was my way of looking at the silver lining. My article was met with remarks about how I wasn't able to "raise" the man I was with so there was no way I could raise a decent son. It was also suggested that responsible parenting meant having an abortion rather than being a single parent. Really? Are you kidding me? These are the ethics I should raise my son with? No thanks!

My son was bullied in school by a child who was listed as "special needs". Integration was the name of the game there. When my child went to the teacher, he was told there was nothing to be done because the child had special needs. (Btw, I know this child and his "special need" was a need for some actual parenting) So, our children are supposed to be so politically correct that they have to take abuse because another child is listed as special needs? The message that was sent to my child was not that he should be tolerant, but that if he wanted to get away with anything, he needed to present a disability. The message I sent to the school was that they could either do something about the situation or I would file a restraining order, which the school would then have to honor. Have you ever tried to maintain a 100 ft. distance between 2 children in a graduating class of less than 100? Good luck.

There is a push to not only be tolerant of homosexuality, but to embrace the concept. I personally don't care what anyone does in their bedroom as long as it doesn't impact my life or my child's. So, tell me how gym is supposed to work. Boys and girls have separate locker rooms to protect privacy and prevent sexual mishaps. Yet, homosexual children change clothes in same sex locker rooms. If parents say anything about it, we are haters. To me that means now we promote homosexuality while actually deterring young heterosexual activity. Is anyone else confused by this?

As a parent, I have the right to raise my child with the morals of my choosing. The problem is that I would actually have to remove him from society in order to sufficiently do that because if he displays his morals, he might be called a hater. So, when is the average family going to get their own special interest group?


  1. Having what you call combined "homosexual" and "heterosexual" gym lockers as "promoting homosexuality" is kind of ridiculous. If anything boys who may be perceived as gay by their peers are at a higher risk of being verbally and physically assualted by the "heterosexual" boys. Why would a gay male student in a gym locker be harmful to your son? Your "heterosexual" son is probably more at risk from associating with a "heterosexual" male- who could be a pedophile such as a coach or scout leader.

  1. I don't think a homosexual boy would be harmful to my son. I never said there was more of a risk of harm from a homosexual than a heterosexual. I'm simply saying there are dual standards and if one method is meant to discourage something, then by definition, the opposite method is meant to encourage it.

    To me it falls into a similar line of thought as any other separation by gender based on prevention of inappropriate activity. For instance, if a male police officer can't strip search a female, why can a homosexual female police officer do it? Or why can't a homosexual male do the search?

  1. Do you believe that "homosexual" police women will be turned on or sexually aroused when performing their professional duty such as your example of strip search? With your line of thinking no person could ever be safely treated by a healthcare worker (doctor, nurse, or therapist) of the opposite gender unless they shared the same sexual attraction. Do you believe that "heterosexual" male physicians cannot treat "heterosexual" women patients- that they need to be separated to prevent some type of "inappropriate" activity? This is oddly fearful thinking.

  1. I don't believe a homosexual woman would be any more turned on doing a strip search on a woman than a heterosexual in the risk is equal for both of them. And yes, sadly, it does happen in both situations.

    I don't assume that anyone would behave in an inappropriate manner, yet it happens all over the place regardless of sexual orientation. I AM saying it's a dual standard. If I were a young woman in school, undressing in front of a large group of people after my parents had raised me to be modest, I would be equally nervous to undress with a heterosexual boy in the room as I would with a homosexual girl in the room and it had nothing to do with what either of them might do. It has to do with double standards and the timidity of childhood.

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