Single moms can turn their burdens into benefits if they can learn how to see the bright side of things. The myth that all single moms have to live in low income housing and only have the goal of seeking out a man to save them from a life of squalor is completely inaccurate. Jobs for single moms can serve more than one purpose and fit the interests of single moms perfectly.

Daycare: Instead of spending money on daycare so you can go to work, why not open your own daycare. Contact your state's Department of Children and Family Services to learn about the legalities of this option. In most states, providers will need to obtain CPR/First Aid certification, pass a criminal history check, be up to date on vaccinations, maintain proper records and pass a home inspection. It sounds overwhelming, but it's really not. There may also be some classes that are required, but in most cases, almost all of the fees associated with these requirements can be paid through scholarships.

Work online: Use your own interests and skills to generate an income without leaving the house. You can write about parenting issues, sell items on Ebay or other sites, do surveys and even find mystery shopping opportunities. One of the most lucrative things you can do is to help other parents with tips, selling items and offering pertinent information.

Bartend or wait tables: If you find that you don't get to go out enough because you're so busy being a single parent, combine your social life with an income. If you miss the bar scene, try bartending. You'll make some decent cash instead of spending it. The things you see in the bar will also make you appreciate the fact that your time spent in the bar is limited. Waitresses can make a decent living and socialize all at once.

Create your own business: You're a single mom. You know how to multitask in ways that most people only dream of. Use that skill set to develop your own business. The key is to be an expert in your field and the great thing is that when you own the business, it's your skill that determines your worth, not your education.


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