Blah! Gag! [Insert string of cuss words here], this day has been utter chaos. And that, my friends, was the abridged version of me chewing it up and spitting it out. Most of that was because the day was spent dealing with a client that has trouble understanding the simplicity of paying an invoice, but I'm not going into that here. It's the wrong blog for it. I'll reserve that one for tomorrow.

Onward and upward I say!

What finally got to me the point of needing to show some gratitude when the proverbial well has run empty? My freezer, of all things!

My son has put up with my shit all day. I wasn't yelling at him, but I knew that some of the things that were irritating me were things that normally wouldn't. Of course, I apologized every time I may have answered him too quickly or upset him with my lack of ability to just hang out with him, but let's face it; apologies do nothing for the person you apologize to. They just make the one apologizing feel better. So, that was pointless and my boy decided to settle on something that should end his night fairly well. He wanted a fudge bar. That's it, just a simple need for a deserving little boy.

Naturally, when he got the box out, about 6 other things fell in the freezer and I thought that was going to be it for me. I wanted to cuss out the freezer. Instead I looked in there and realized how lucky we are to even have food that can fall out of the freezer when so many are struggling just to be able to make a simple sandwich. That put things in perspective for me.

Most of the stress in the word centers around one thing. That thing is money. Not spiritual enlightenment or how we aren't doing enough good in the world, but over bills and material needs. For the record, this almighty dollar, it's just a piece of paper that actually has no more value than any other piece of paper. It represents precious metals. It represents the wealth of our government, which to date, is nonexistent.

We don't actually need it, but most of us don't have the balls to go through life without it, myself included. But, when it comes down to it and we want to get all bent over money, why not just take a piece of paper out of the printer and hug it and pet it and call it George because it's worth about as much as that dollar we're all killing ourselves over, literally.

I'm grateful I have a son and a few other people who care about me enough to put up with me. I'm grateful for a friend who sidetracked me with a request for a recipe, just because I was so obviously frazzled. I'm grateful that I still care about the world and this journey I'm on hasn't just sucked the life right out of me. And right now, I'm more grateful than anything that my son is anxiously waiting for me to finish this post as he lingers with his book in hand, for me to read him a bedtime story.

One day, he's only going to want to talk to me long enough to get the car keys or something similar. But, right now, he's just a little boy who loves his mama so much that he doesn't want to go to sleep without first having her read him a story.

In the end, life is good and the view can vary depending on where you focus. I'm grateful to be able to look around.


  1. A wonderful approach to life! I fully agree with you

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