Hunter is what he calls a "gadget geek" as well as a "science geek". He loves to expore new things, create things, take things apart and put them together. It's even kind of a coping skill for him. So, the other night when he was going through the cabinets looking for something to mess with, I just let him do his thing.

Imagine my shock when he came out of the bathroom and announce "Whew! I'm not pregant" to his open-mouthed mother.

Yes, as I was gathering my schoolwork together in preparation for the next day, my 10 year old son was taking a pregnancy test. The disturbing thing wasn't that he knew what it was. It was in a clearly marked package. The disturbing thing was that he knew how to read it and to this single mom who isn't aways happy about her baby growing up, he didn't question its existense.

It's been just Hunter and I for all but 1 year of his life. He's always been a bit nervous about me dating. It's not a big deal because I don't even remember how to date or have the time to relearn it. What is a big deal is that his not questionng why I would have a pregnancy test is a sign to me that he's letting go a bit.

Has he asked, I would have told him it had been in there for 2 years. Had he asked, I may not have suddenly felt that weight on my heart telling me that while I was busy working and getting an education, my baby somehow turned into a young man who had enough of a social life now that he didn't need to cling to his mommy anymore.

And no, I'm not ready just yet to really ponder the fact that one day, maybe in the decade, my son is going to be bringing me a pregnancy test that won't just be taken because he was bored and messing around.


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