Lately Hunter and I have been having the same arguments oer and over. Actually, wait; they aren't arguments. They're discussions that shouldn't have to happen and it's my fault.

How many times can I say the same thing before I realize that I need to try a new method?

The "discussions" have been mostly about cleaning and responsibility. Hunter is like most kids in that he's pretty much always had chores. And to me, sexist or not, there are certain chores that boys should learn how to do and be responsible for. So, up until recently it's been the normal "aww mooom" when I tell him to take out the trash or something similar. I do try to make chores fun for him, so I'm not slacking in creativity. I just happened to forget one itty bitty thing.

If you're going to treat the symptoms or effects of anything rather than preventing them (and yes, there is a HUGE difference) then you need to accept that you will always be treating the symptoms. So, when it comes to cleaning, if things have a place to go, it's easy to keep them there. If they don't have a place (prevention strategy) , then you just keep cleaning them up (treating the symptoms).

When we have these little "discussions" about chores we both end up unhappy. Hunter's 10. He's discovered girls. He worries about the same things that every 10 year old worries about. He doesn't need to be getting all upset and thinking he's a bad kid over chores. In other words, he has enough on his plate and somewhere between school, work and life in general, I dropped the ball on this one.

I don't want to have one more bad day with Hunter if I can avoid it. I know there are going to be more, but I can take things a long way towards minimizing these kinds of days with just a few simple tweaks to the house. Guess what we're doing tomorrow -together.


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