Let me just start by saying that Hunter and I are not any religion. We pray over every meal, even in public and we pray every night before we go to bed. In other words, we have personal relationships with God. I don't really feel that a middle man is necessary.

But, I remember as a child I loved going to church and it really didn't have anything to do with God. It had to do with the choir and Sunday school. It probably also had to do with the idea that I was doing something that normal, good people do. As I got older, my impression of churches and religion was altered considerably. The priest who checked me out when I went to talk about my grief over my grandfather's death probably had the biggest impact. But, this is Hunter's story, not mine.

Last year we were making our biweekly jaunt toward home after I got Hunter back from his dad. It was a hot day and my truck chose that day to overheat. I would periodically top and let it cool off in the hopes that I could get it to a gas station before the motor blew.

As we came into North Liberty, Indiana we had to pull into a church parking lot. I felt that it was safer than the side of the road and knew that there was a gas station right down the street. It was the North Liberty Church of Christ.

Hunter didn't really understand what was going on and he thought we might need help. I knew we just needed water and time. My son, having been exposed to a world where people who go to church are upheld as being decent folk, stated that we were sure to get help since the parking lot was full. I had my doubts about even having offers for help, but didn't voice these to my son.

I parked the truck and lifted the hood so that some of the heat could escape. After a few minutes, a young boy and his father rode by us on their bikes. Hunter was amazed that they didn't stop to see if we were okay.

I wasn't.

I wasn't any further impressed as what must have been 30 cars pulled out of that parking lot without so much as a glance our way.

Mind you, I knew we didn't need help. But, these people didn't know that an the way I was raised, if a woman and child were sitting stranded with the hood up, it would only be Christian to stop and at least make sure they were okay.

Finally, I heard the boy ask his father if they shouldn't check to see if we needed help. All sorts of phrases went through my mind. "A child shall lead them...", "From the mouths of babes..." and so forth.

All in all it was a pretty sad glimpse of humanity and how far religion can be from Christianity. That was my son's first experience with a church of any kind, for any reason. Talk about a lasting impression.

The man did finally allow his child to lead him to us and grudgingly asked us if we needed any help. We declined.

If religion is supposed to be about God, why are the religious principles checked at the door? I think we'll stick with our personal relationships with God and the universe, because we don't check those at the door and they serve us well, as I hope we serve the Him and the universe well.


  1. This is a great article. I am so in agreement with everything you said. I am raising my granddaughter and i want her to know God, but church is a joke. Good job here.

  1. Thanks Rose. I don't talk bad about church to Hunter and it kind of made me sad/angry that he had to see it in that light, but isn't it funny what people do when they think no one is paying attention?

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