Hunter's father and I have a different way of looking at life. We each live completely different lifestyles. But, when it comes to Hunter, we're usually on the same page. This past weekend I was proud that he was Hunter's father. His son wasn't being treated as well as he should have and he did something about it.

Sometimes as single parents we have to make decisions that have nothing to do with how much we care about the person we are with and have everything to do with our child or children. Sometimes it comes down to resigning ourselves to the fact that we may have to be alone if our children are going to be raised the way we want them to or treated the way they should be.

There's a different kind of bond that happens between children and parents when a "broken home" is the foundation for family life. The single  parent becomes the sole disciplinarian, shoulder to cry on, answerer of questions and provider. Those of you who are single parents know what I mean and I encourage you to stick to your guns.

If you aren't a single parent, let me explain something to you. We have just one shot to do this. That's one shot to prepare a child with every skill we can so that they are able to live this life with some kind of moral responsibility and a measure of success. Don't mess with us on this. Offer advice, fine. Offer encouragement, fine. Do not offend our children or our parenting skills. We each try to do the best that we know how. Sometimes we don't do our best, but don't think for a minute that we need anyone to point this out to us. We see it and feel it with every pore. And if you can't understand all that, don't date a single parent.


  1. Amen and Amen! I used to have a rule about dating men with children I didn't think I had it in me to love someone else's child as much as my own and I figured if I could find a man who could handle all of my baggage he probably shouldn't have any of his own or we'd be weighed down. But when the one came along, he could handle my baggage, and he had two kids just about the same age as mine. There have been ups and downs, there have been different parenting styles and we learn something that makes it easier each time an issue arises. After 5 years, they are still his kids and my kids, but they are also OUR kids.

  1. I'm not into dating, because I'm married. But I go through a lot of what a single parent does. My hubby is in the military and this is his third year long tour. I am basically a single mother of 5 kids. So I do understand about the parenting.

    This was a good post about dating a single parent. And good for Hunters dad for doing something.

  1. Sometimes I wonder if dating is even worth the potential issues that have to be dealt with. After almost 2 years of not dating I think I'm about ready to venture back out there :)

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