Every now and then my little boy goes through the painful process of hurting someone's feelings. Every now and then those feelings are mine. It's possible that it hurts his feelings even more than mine because it's not in his nature to try to hurt someone.

Today was one of those days. Hunter even apologized, but he also knows that my theory is that if you're really sorry, stop doing whatever it is you're apologizing for. I never want him to be that man that thinks any action is okay as long as it's followed by an apology. Today his knowledge of that about broke both of our hearts.

Hunter and I took a time out from each other, but I could hear him in his room. Sometimes when he's upset with me, he says his prayers out loud or he kind of says things he would say to his dad. Tonight I heard him say a lot of things as he tried to sort his thoughts out, but the one that reminded me that he is only 9, even though he sometimes acts much older is when he said "I don't know any words bigger than 'sorry'".

As most parents probably do, I worry every day that I am failing my son in some way. Am I spending enough time with him? Am I forgetting something? Am I giving him great memories to look back on or am I setting him up for a future of therapy?

I sometimes take the people I love for granted. When they are in pain, I realize that I could have been helping them to build an immunity to this pain if I would have let them know how much I cared. Hunter and I live in the same house. We're comfortable with each much so that we take each other for granted.

His words may have have hurt my feelings, but they broke his 9 year old little heart. I know we all learn through pain. I also know that sometimes, there really aren't any bigger words than 'sorry'.


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