by Kathy Foust

Let's not beat around the bush. The economy sucks and things have become so bizarre that the broker you are, the better off you are when it comes to school. Single moms go hand in hand with grants and scholarships. I've written on this topic again and again, so if you want to know more about going back to school and the resources available, I'll just refer you to my article on getting paid to go back to school because today I wanted to talk about my school and how beneficial to anyone, especially a single mom.

This is my first semester at WGU Indiana. In fact, this is the first semester that WGU Indiana has even existed. It was opened over the summer as a part of the Western Governors University (WGU) but has the benefit of being a state school so all state grants are welcome. But, this isn't your average school. In fact, it's the only one I know of in Indiana that offers a teacher's college as well as a nursing school...completely online. The only thing you have to leave your house for is to do the clinicals or student teaching.

WGU offers the same things as WGU Indiana, so when I talk about WGU Indiana, know that you don't have to live in Indiana to benefit from the WGU experience.

This is a knowledge based school. That means that you can test out of some of your classes and there are no grades based on attendance. Actually, there are no grades at all. You either pass or fail. Period.

Tuition is less than $3,000 per 6 month term. Maybe that's no big deal, but the fact that in those 6 months you can take as many classes as you are able..well that IS a big deal because the tuition doesn't change or depend on credit hours at all. Think that's cool? Well then let me tell you about the books. I don't have any. That's right, I have not bought 1 book this term. Everything I need is online.

This online school isn't like any other online school I ever heard of. I don't have to post to a discussion board weekly for attendance and I don't have set dates to get things done. That means I don't have to wait until the end of the semester to take my finals.

I highly recommend WGU Indiana to single mothers. All of the grants, scholarships and loans apply here that apply to every other state college. You don't have to spend money on gas or a babysitter and you don't even have to leave the house to have your tests proctored. WGU Indiana sends you a webcam so you can be proctored at home.

If you're considering an online school, this would be the way to go. You'll be assigned a mentor who calls you every week to check in and who is very timely and responsive to your needs. This school really is all about individualized education. You tell then the way you learn best and they go out of their way to accommodate you.'s cheaper than a community college with degrees all the way through Masters!


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