I was going to talk about some projects I have going on. I was going to share my excitement over them and get away from the gloom of the past couple of weeks. Instead, I'm going to do some sharing about the school I'm going to because it's information that people should have.

I like taking my classes online. In the past when I've taken them online, it's been convenient and allows me to go somewhat at my own pace. But this school, well it just rocks. I go completely at my own pace. I'm talking about WGU Indiana. It's a branch of Western Governors University and the only one to become a state school. Mitch Daniels actually did something right? I know...scary!

Since it is a state school and located within my state (obviously), it qualifies for state grants (YAY!) and scholarships. WGU Indiana also allows me to take pretests to assess whether I actually need the class. If I don't, I go straight to the final and scratch that class of my list. It also happens to be one of the only schools I know about that allows you to get a teaching or nursing degree completely online. Of course, you still have to do the clinicals, but so what?

One of the best parts is that they charge one flat fee for a 6 month term. Whatever I can get done in that term is what I get done. I say that kind of loosely because there are minimum credits I have to take, but that's not the big deal. The big deal is that there is no maximum and I don't pay any more or any less no matter how many credits I take.

Worse case scenario...I get my degree by the end of next winter.  My personal goal is to have my degree by next summer. Is that being pushy? I hope so because that's what I'm good at! Wish me luck on that because it's not going to be easy. I took 2 pretests yesterday and I hope to find out my scores today! Go me!


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