Those of you that are from Starke County may have seen this video already. If not, you have to watch it. I would warn you that you need a sense of humor, but if you're reading my blog, chances are good that you're as twisted as I and will find this hilarious. If you're not from Starke County, watch it anyhow so you can see why we have so much fun making fun of it here.

The only issue i have with this video is that so many people are offended by it. Naturally, those are the same people that feel the need to live on the WKVI blog. Why? Because it's not moderated and people can post anonymously whatever they want to about who or what ever they want to, making it a blog that is as low class as it gets.

Why am I so fixated on this? Because I can't stand it when people have a negative impact on the world, then just sit back and watch it roll. The idea that the station lets users post anonymously without any kind of validation about the things they say just kind of makes me sick. In fact, it makes me so sick that I'm just going to have to make my own Starke County blog. It's going to be fun and informative.'s not going to be a bitch session with people who don't have the guts to stand behind what they say. Why? Because I won't allow it.

If you think that the WKVI blog is a good idea and that people should be able to post anonymously, no matter what the topic, consider the following scenarios. Keep in mind that no, we are not innocent until proven guilty. Rather, we are assumed guilty as soon as something is even hinted at. You don't think so? Put yourself in one of the scenarios below.

You're a daycare owner. You have some parents that had money problems. You asked them to leave your daycare. You took them to court to get the remaining money they owed you. They lost. They post on the WKVI blog that you were seen doing something rude with children. Note, you haven't done anything, but what parent would take their child to your daycare after that?

You're a married business owner. You hire a secretary. She seemed to have the right qualifications. However, she cannot type, answer the phone and constantly shows up late. You fire her and hire someone more competent. She makes repeated posts on the WKVI blog that you sexually harassed her, even going so far as to pretend she has been a secretary and multiple customers (remember..anonymous posts). The accusations get back to your wife. Good time, right? Sure.

These are just some of the potential scenarios that could happen. I've seen unfounded accusations on there and comments about people, both public figures and simple citizens.

I find it ironic that the same blog that removed the link to the video above will allow people to say whatever they want. Does WKVI think that Knox is misrepresented? If they think that people might really view Knox this way, then why not do something to make it a better place, like actually moderating a blog and making people be responsible for their actions. Oh yea, I have my work cut out for me.


  1. I have been bless to have grew up with you being my childhood friend. Your an amazingly talented young lady. I have always cherished your ability to right the wrongs in this world. I will stand besides you in this journey as well. For you said everything concerning this matter in which WKVI needs to address & respect in keeping people held accountable for their actions. Instead of letting them hide behind a professional, respectable venue. So I say to WKVI correct the oversight that needs to be. Submitted Respectively,

  1. Aww..thank you Jo!

  1. Kathy, I storyboarded, directed and filmed this video and I have to say, you are awesome! Everything you said had so much intelligence behind it and thank you so much for realizing that our video isn't a real representation of Knox! To me, that was the most offensive part about my video as well: the people who were offended by it! Lighten up folks...I guarantee 99% of the people who posted negative things, felt or said something similar that was featured in the video at one point in their life, but when it's in front of their face and they aren't the one saying it, all of the sudden, it's offensive and they get all bent out of shape.

    I also have to say, when creating this video, we honestly had it in our mind that if anyone was offended by it, that they should take that energy and use it to bring something positive to the city. I have to say, I have no regrets or apologies for this video - it's a piece of art to me and art is subjective. Thanks again for your support!

    Eric Greer

    PS- I like the idea of a Starke County blog where you can't post anonymously. Put your name behind what you have to say, but don't be spineless and anonymous. That gets NO where except for negativity. I would love to see this happen! Thanks again!

  1. Eric,
    Thanks for reading and commenting. I actually have a Starke County site in the works. I would love to work on some video projects for Hamlet and Grovertown (hint hint lol).

    While I may allow anonymous posts on the Starke County Blog for people who don't have a Google account, those posts will be moderated because to do otherwise..well that's just asking for trouble.

    I thought the video was hilarious. I also thought that the peopel who complained about it should take a look at what, if anything they are doing to be a positive member of the community. It just makes good sense! Again, thanks for reading!Kathy

  1. I'm definitely up for new video projects! I also wish you the best of luck on the new blog...I really think it's a great idea! I think it needs a video, too! hehe

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