Just when I think I really know my son, he surprises me. Lately he's had some very simple, yet adultlike insight. For me, it's a reminder that he's growing up and still sees things in a black and white kind of way, something that I never could do, but probably should.

I've tried to take this weekend and spend most of my time with him. The fact that I work at home means we may be in the same room together a lot, but not actually hanging out together. So, yesterday we watched movies and talked about our plans for today, which were mostly to clean.

We went to bed pretty late last night. I got up this morning and stumbled my way to the kitchen. I was stopped in my tracks by the state of the living room. Sometime during the night, my son got up and cleaned the living room. I mean, it's spotless. He even dusted! So, I glance in at my sleeping son in wonder, then go to my computer as is my daily ritual.

There's a note on my desk. It says "Read Me". On top of the note is a pretty blue feather. Tucked behind the note is a flower.

The note is actually a list for me. It outlines our day and what we will be doing. Apparently, I'm even able to write today, though only 12 articles and with a break halfway through. He even left me a reminder that when we go on our walk, I should remember my knee brace.

I woke my son up and thanked him with a hug and a kiss. I asked him how long that took him. He said he went to bed around 6 a.m. after cleaning. Apparently I'm not the only one in the house with bouts of insomnia. He asked if he could go back to sleep and I let him.

This is just me bragging. I love my son and his generous nature that makes him do things out of the blue to make other people happy. I hope that part of him never fades because it's one of his shining personal gems.


  1. Sometimes, our children can surprise us in the most wonderful and unexpected ways!

  1. How nice! You seem to have a jewel of a son. Hope he stays the way he is.

  1. How wonderful! My daughter likes to "surprise" me by doing the dishes...that usually have to be redone...but at least she tries! :) What a very special boy you have Kat!

  1. Thanks! I'm very proud of him.

    I often think that we adults could learn a lot from our kids if we paid attention.

  1. That spirit will see him through a lot in life. Congratulations on such a fine young man!

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