As I sat here tonight pondering the day and wondering what to write about, feeling the need to write and express myself, I came across a post about the Law of Attraction. It was just a brief statement, but it reminded me of something I wanted to write.

Newton's Law of Attraction: Every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force directed along the lines of centers for the two objects that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of separation between the two objects.

Basically this means that all objects are attracted to each other. The mathematical measurement of that attraction is based on their measured locations. So, if you're standing next to someone you're attracted to, you can actually put a number in on that attraction. Okay, that's not what that law really means, but in my mind, that law is a glimpse into reality.

A friend of mine suggested to me a while back that I read the book "The Secret". I did. To be honest, I though that the book itself had something to be desired. But...the message of the book itself was right along the lines of something I've thought all along. I just didn't have a name for it. Also, I had learned some basic facts that made my thoughts even more solid.

See, I'm not a mathematical person, but I do believe the universe is based on simple mathematics. Part of my belief in this is based on something I learned a couple of years ago. We don't get "no".

The human brain actually has to work around negative words. That's why the more you tell yourself NOT to do something, the harder it is not to do it because you keep reminding yourself about whatever it is. It works kinda like this. If you think or say "I'm not going to fall", you're brain interprets it like this; "I'm going to fall..(interpretation) not". So yes, in a way you are actually thinking that you ARE going to fall.

Things were meant to be simple., they are all combined and yet all the same thing. Every part of everything is connected in some way to everything else.

Now, keeping this in mind, I think about the math of it. If there is all positive, there is no room for negative. If you need to measure it, imagine that every second of every day was positive. There would literally be no room for negative. That's my basic thought on spirituality and the world. I don't care who agrees with me or not. I'm just sharing my thoughts.

The Law of Attraction that "The Secret" is about fits right in with my thoughts. It's all about faith and positive energy. It doesn't work if you don't believe it will. Period. If you do, then it will. You can debate that fact until you're blue in the face, but it's still going to happen.

Here's where we screw it all up. We question everything. Like there always has to be something better or different. I don't know why we make it so hard, but we do. The more I've come to understand that, the better I feel about myself. Everyone is equal in this world, they just don't realize it. In doing so, people are feeding into their own negative energy as well as that of the world's.

For the Law of Attraction to work in a way that can be seen, we need to put some effort forth. We need to put a stream of positivity forth. What we put out, we get back.

You know the saying "Misery loves company"? People who have reached their comfort level of misery literally draw in the misery of others. They project it and they get it back. Believe it or not, that's what they need to do to be comfortable. When a negative person and a positive person are around each other, sparks do indeed fly! It's a challenge to get back to their comfort zones as they each project something different in search of the return for what they project.


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