From time to time, we all feel like our burdens are just too much for any one person to handle. As adults, we have the pressures of simply surviving and sometimes of taking care of others. It can be overwhelming. Adults also have the freedom to seek help or find an outside resource to cope with the issues that plague us.

Recently, a young man in our community chose to take his own life. I won't add his name or personal details that I have heard because I personally did not know him. That doesn't mean that his loss doesn't have an impact on me or the rest of the community. I have already seen evidence of how much he will be missed and how much he was loved. Some teenagers I know are feeling his absence already and may even be blaming themselves. It's a horrible thing that raised alot of questions in my eyes.

Namely, the foremost thought in my mind was that the community as a whole shares some sort of responsibility in this. What could we have done? I have been involved in the treatment of many suicidal teens. I have known people who chose to take the route of suicide. When this happens, I always wonder what I personally could have done to help. In the end, I continue to do what I do and maybe just pay a bit more attention to what it is I am doing.

I write. I have several articles on suicide and I have embedded the links here for some of them, as well as some for depression. Read them if you want. I have only one request. If you do choose to read them, leave some input. Share some insight. In your moments of depression, what is it that draws you out? What can we as adults do that would alleviate some of the pain that teenagers face?

I do know that as adults, we often don't take seriously the agonies of adolescence, childhood or even young adulthood. We know that our stressors are the bills, the kids and so forth. We expect those younger than us to see how much more stress we have than them. In doing so, we are completely losing sight of reality. Not making sense to you? Okay, let's think about this.

How do you expect someone to know the stress of survival through bill paying etc., when this isn't something they experience? Speaking for myself, at the age of 36, I still feel overwhelmed by my emotions sometimes, yet I have years of experience. How is it that we adults forget how we became desensitized to some issues? It didn't happen overnight for sure. I know I have been guilty of mentally rolling my eyes at a young girl's heartbreak over losing her boyfriend. In my mind I think about her future and how she really hasn't experienced heartbreak yet. But, I'm wrong. In fact, her heartbreak may even hurt worse now than it ever will in the future because it's new to her in that form. Years later, she will experience other forms and even become immune to being hurt by some of them.

I'm sorry for such a long post. I'm sorry if it seems confusing. I'm sorry that I'm not always nice to people and that I don't always remember that sometimes you just need a kind word. In the end, it's always that one small thing that pushed people over the edge. The next time I or you go to say something hateful to someone or off the cuff, maybe we need to ask ourselves if we really want to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

I don't know about the rest of the adults in the world or who might read this, but I surely would like some insight into what teenagers think of this and what we as adults can do to help. Heck, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and cuss me out in the comments here or in any of the articles here. Yeah, I'm putting myself out there, but seriously...don't we all need to do that a bit more often?


  1. Such an important post... thank you for writing it and sharing your thoughts and feelings. I shared this with my FB friends, because I think it will make people stop a moment and think about some things.

    Don't worry - wasn't confusing at all, but truly heartfelt and important.


  1. Thanks Michy. I appreciate it!

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