I've been feeling at a crossroads lately. I've been prioritizing my goals, some of which I was feeling disheartened about. I've been in school for what feels like forever. It was starting to look like I was never going to reach the finish line. I couldn't stand how much stress it was to me personally to go sit in a classroom instead of doing my work online at my pace. While it was good to get out of the house now and then, it wasn't doing me any good as a student.

I found a school where I can get my degree at a much more affordable rate than the current one. I can also go completely at my own pace, meaning I got a flash of light at the end of that particular tunnel.

Then there was the idea of moving. I was considering it so I could have some more room and things like a yard of my own...and let Hunter have a dog again. But, I tried to be realistic and take a look at the whole scenario. If I can follow the academic plan I have set forth, which includes the financial plan I have set forth, then I can realize some other goals with less stress.

I'm tired of having so many things to worry about that I end up not doing good at any of them. I get by, but not with any kind of accomplishment. If I focus on my schooling only, then I can finally feel like I'm doing GOOD at something rather than just "doing". So, the adress will stay the same. I'll write my butt off for the summer, then put it aside a bit to focus on my degree.

I write about this because it feels good to write about making a few decisions that I know are the right ones...something I often question myself on. I actually have a tentative 5 year plan again. The plan is to get my Master's degree within 5 years, but to be teaching full time within 2 years or at least be licensed to. Even if I can't find an open position right away, at least I'll have the credentials to apply for one! Who knows, maybe the next adress will depend on a teaching postion!


  1. Good plans. I know you can do whatever you set your mind to, so I know you can do this!

    Keep going!

    Love and stuff,

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