Today is going to be a decent and productive day..just as soon as Hunter gets over this "I'm not a morning person thing". I have a ton of things to do, places to go.

Mahalo has really been occupying my time lately. That's okay because it's fun and the pay is not too bad. One of my cowriters on Writing Mommies , Angie, became a member of the How To Team yesterday as well as winning a $25 cash prize for having one of the best articles. Go Angie! My bet is that she'll be QCing with me soon as well. Now we just have get Alyssa and Kerrie in on it.

The thing is, that I have to get back to Brighthub as well and that takes some organizing. It's all good. I'll figure it out and I think I've got a pretty good start. Now if my homework would just do itself I'd be good to go.

So, today the schedule is....4 articles for Mahalo, 5 QC for Mahalo, 4 articles for BH and 2 edits for Edubook. Let them games begin!!

In between I'm doing laundry, making banana bread and it looks to be a good day to make some chili or tacos..not sure which yet. One thing I can say for sure is that no meal goes to waste here anymore with the kids coming over to eat. Yesterday was scalloped potatoes and ham..woe to the one who tries to take that pan from Harlin!!

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me some great advice and I am trying to keep it in my head throughout the day. She said the universe gives you back whatever you put out there. So..I'm trying to throw some positive vibes out there because I sure could use them coming back!


  1. Guess what?! My day today is completly dedicated to Mahalo!! lol make me some bannana bread too.. You have much more ambition than i have.

  1. Thanks for all your help with Mahalo, I sincerely appreciate it. Without you, I'd never have figured out the formatting LOL!!

    I'm glad you're changing your perspective today. The more positive vibes you put out there, the more you'll get back. Hugs!

  1. I am sooo way thankful for my fellow writers. Can anyone else possibly understand the insanity of us?lol

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