Where do I start? No one who has a child that has autism wants to read this for sure. To me, autism seems to be a direct result of the way we live today. Everything is prepackaged and techno focused. These kids are the result of that in humanities struggle to evolve.

While we preach about political correctness and having concern for the Earth and others, our actions speak differently and humanity has responded. In other words, even people are becoming more techno-like. Let's review some basics about autism.

Autistic children have some or all of the following characteristics;

  • heightened senses. (vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell)
  • very low verbal communication skills.
  • a lack of empathy in varying degrees.
  • high focus on mathematical reasoning such as mechanics, computation and logic.

Now what does that remind you of? I'll tell you what it reminds me of and that's a computer. Unless you know an empathetic computer? And no, this isn't a "cut" on those with autism, simply a reflection of the evolution of mankind.

What does a computer do? It receives information (the more the better) and translates it to return information to the user. So, if I am right and we are becoming more mechanical, then it makes sense that these children have all the autistic characteristics. So can we fix it? I believe so, as do many others.

It's well known that autistic children are very picky about what they eat. Personally, I have worked with dozens of autistic children and I have never met one who did not enjoy prepackaged or fast food the most. Try to give them a homecooked meal and see what happens.

Well imagine that. We loaded our food with chemicals and now we are shocked when we have children who only want those chemicals? What happens if we take away those chemicals? Detox, that's what. I had read about this and have actually seen it in action, along with the consequences for the parents response to the autism. We'll get to that later. For now, let's just say that autism seems to cause a lack of synapses in the brain. In other words, there's a breakdown in communication internally. This is believed to be caused by the chemicals in our food as well as by some immunization shots. (There's the FDA looking out for us huh?) If you remove those chemicals then the brain has a chance to heal itself and function properly. In my next entry, I will tell you about clear examples of this behavior.


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