I love children. i always have. They are so simple until we screw them up. Since my main interest is human behavior as well as children, I pay a lot of attention to their behavior. Watch a young child and you can see the chemical effect of humanity in its good and bad forms. Children know nothing about the world when they are born. They take it all in and their bodies simply respond to the internal mechanisms and the outside stimulus. The outside stimulus eventually has more of an impact on their behavior than the internal chemicals. That's because we are a learning species.

A child with autism has very little interest in the societal end of life. They are content to explore and be absorbed in their own interest, often fascinated with certain sounds or mechanical properties. This is what their internal balance tells them feels good to them. Change the internal balance and their interest and responses often change.

I know a child that I am very close to. We will call him Joe. From infancy, I could tell that their was something wrong. Joe had no interest in any type of affection except for from me. While I felt very lucky for that, his mother was not so happy about it. That was a pretty normal response since she is an affectionate mother who had a son that wanted no affection from her.

Joe had some behaviors that seemed odd to everyone but him. Dealing with these behaviors left the mother exhausted and baffled. However, she would not and even today will not accept that there is anything wrong. And I was nto about to mention that I thought Joe was mildly autistic. Here are some of the behaviors that Joe exhibited;

  • Walking on tip toe. If I had to give a percentage, I would estimate that Joe walked on tiptoe 95% of the time.
  • Picky eating habits. Joe would only willingly eat certain foods and the array was extremely limited.
  • Lack of pain reception. Joe seemed completely unbothered by pain. During play he has been hurt like any other child and showed no concern for it at all. Thus, the mother found out quickly that spanking was a waste of her time.
  • Complete focus. When a child wants something at a young age, it is not unusual for a tantrum to ensue. Eventually the child will be calmed, disciplined or distracted. Not so with Joe. He literally had tantrums for hours on end, never forgetting whayt he was upset about.
  • Rocking and head banging. Joe would often rock himself on the couch so hard that it only took about two years for the back of the couch to be utterly destroyed. He would wake up in the middle of the night and beat his head against the wall or the floor.

These are all signs of autism. So as not to make this into a booklength entry I won't go into the details of why they do this behavior. For now, just accept that they do. So how is Joe today and why?

Today, Joe is affectionate but stubborn, eats his meals, walks on his flat feet and no longer beats his head on the wall. He does still rock himself when he is very tired or doesn't feel well. So what brought about this change in Joe?

When the mother was pregnant and up until a few years ago, fast food was a pretty regualr thing in the house. mind you, the mother is an excellent cook, but she often worked 12 or more hours a day and fast food was the simplest solution. Then, for her own personal reasons, the mother decided to change to an organic diet. She eliminated certain chemicals that are found in foods that are prepackaged. They are not completely organic yet, but they are on their way. For now, she simply reads labels and refuses to buy anything that has these certain chemicals in it. She was not planning on changing Joe or healing him as she never thought there was an actual "problem". She just wanted her family to eat healthier. As a result though, Joe is a completely different child.

There are numerous studies suggesting this method of helping those with autism. So why, if there is such a simple cure, are there still so many autistic children? Because we look for the easy way out. It is much easier to give a child a pill every day than to put extreme effort and care into the child's diet. Laziness ladies and gentlemen. Laziness and too much belief in a disposable society. That's just my opinion and I know someone will get pissed about it, but Joe is just one example. The fact is that if we spent less time worrying about what we can get at the store and more time worrying about what we have at home we would be a much healthier and happier society. People spend too much time at work to make money to buy more material things. As a result, they buy quick frix foods and by doing so, basically poison themselves and their families. That's the raw truth of the matter.


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