This week I finished grad school. In the next week or so I'll pay off the house. I should be ecstatic, right? What I am is confused.

I've been walking this path for so long that I never really thought about what comes after it. I tried to fit in this nice little box by dating, because wouldn't that be the next natural step since life has kept me too busy to do that for these past years? It didn't work and I wasn't impressed at all with the dating world. Then I remembered something.

I don't like boxes. I don't like serial daters or serial dating either. And why the hell does that have to be the next step anyhow?

As a writer it can be pretty hard to make a budget. Things change so fast in this world that one week you can work nonstop and the next week you can be scrambling for something. Fortunately, I happen to have some fantastic clients, and that allows me to predict my budget. It's only taken me almost 10 years to get here and I decided it's time to enjoy that.

In a way, I suppose I'm going to date myself. It dawned on me last night that I haven't been skydiving since before Hunter was born...or white water rafting, or traveling just for the fun of it. Those are things I love to do and things I've put off in the name of survival as a mother, student, business owner, and home buyer. I want to take my son so Comic Cons and find someplace where he can LARP...and maybe I will too!

I got busy working and forgot how to live. Change isn't easy for me, even good change. But a whole new door just opened for me and I have no desire to put any hopes and dreams into someone else and just wait until they decide they don't want to stick around anymore. In a world where you can meet anyone at any time and instant gratification is the norm, everyone is thinking there might be something better around the corner, so let them. Me? I'm not even going to walk on that block. I'll be ziplining over it ;)

Whether you make craft decor or you want to offer virtual assistant services, post your offers here in the comments or on the Facebook page. I'm hoping to see a lot more small business sales this year for Christmas. It's possible, especially since Black Friday sales were down 11%. People are either spending less or looking to small businesses. You'll never know which if you don't promote what you have or do!

book sale photo: Book sale 63317857.jpg
'Tis the season to help out small businesses, so I wanted to make a place where my lovely author friends can post their books for sale. I'll be sharing this post on Facebook as well, so feel free to either post what you have here, in the comments (with a link) or in the thread on my Facebook walls. Of course, you can always do both.

If you do share what you have for sale, be sure to include a summary, link or other info so people can actually buy it, and what format it comes in. I know that I personally never buy ebooks, but many of my friends and family members do. Happy selling!

For those of you who sell crafts, I'll be making another post later so you can share your wares in that thread.